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Didyma (Antiquity)

Author(s) : Filges Axel (10/10/2002)
Translation : Demetriadou Daphne

For citation: Filges Axel, "Didyma (Antiquity)",
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Δίδυμα (Αρχαιότητα) (2/6/2006 v.1) Didyma (Antiquity) (2/21/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table


10.000-7000 BC.: Late Neolithic pottery found on an islet to the northof Didyma.

5000 BC.: Tools made of obsidian found a few kilometres north and south from Didyma.

1500 BC.: Bronze weapons from a grave (or graves), 2 klm. south from Didyma.

Late 2nd millenium BC.: Mycenaean kylix fragment near to the temple of Apollo.

700 BC.: Construction of the cella Ι round the sacred well.

600/550 BC.: Construction of the first small temple.

7th cent. BC.: Processions from Miletus to Didyma.

after 608 BC.: The Pharaoh Necho dedicated clothing or weapons to Apollo.

6th cent. BC.: King Croesus sent votives to Didyma. Marble statues of the so-called "Branchidai".

560/530 BC.:
The construction of temple ΙΙ began (later the plan was changed).

494 BC: King Darius besieged Miletus - Didyma as well ?

479 BC.: The procession from Miletus to Didyma was re-institutionalized.

330 BC.: The construction of temple ΙΙΙ began.

ca. 300 BC.: The construction of the small temple ΙV was completed. The athletic and music competitions in honour to Apollo were mentioned for the first time.

277/276 BC.: The Gauls raided the sanctuary's treasures.

Late 3rd cent. BC.: The Great "Didymeia".

219-217 BC.: The walls of the adyton were completed by half.

ca. 160 BC.: The walls of the adyton were almost completed.

44 BC.: Caesar extended the privilege of asylum to the sanctuary of Apollo.

AD 101/102: The end of the Sacred way was laid by marble slabs (in Trajan's time).

AD 120-170: The construction works on the temple were intensified.

AD 391-400: Pagan worship was ended.

5th /6th cent. AD: A Christian basilica existed inside the sanctuary.

after 6th cent. AD: Oliculture in the area around Didyma.

AD ca. 700: Construction of a fort inside the temple of Apollo.

14th cent. AD: The Seljucs captured the fort-temple.

AD 1493: The temple was destroyed by an earthquake.

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