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Mythological persons and beings















Acamas and Demophon

Acamas and Demophon - to be assigned Ακάμας και Δημοφών - to be assigned



Adanus - to be assigned Άδανος - to be assigned



Aeneas (24/8/2010 v.1) Αινείας (24/8/2010 v.1)

Aeneas, a mythical hero and son of Anchises and Aphrodite, was the bravest hero of the Trojans besides Hector. Information about his origin and his action can be found in Homer as well as later poets, such as Virgil, and folklorists. Although he participated in the Trojan war, the narrations of his voyages to Greece, Italy and Sicily are more common. His name has been associated with the establishment of several cities, such as Lavinium and Rome.




Agamestor - to be assigned Αγαμήστωρ - to be assigned



Amalthea - to be assigned Αμάλθεια - to be assigned



Amazons (20/1/2006 v.1) Αμαζόνες (14/10/2005 v.1)

Warlike tribe of women. According to mythology usually they are located in the region of ancient Bithynia-Pontus, around the river Thermodon. They exclude men from their society. Agile hunters and warriors, they clash with Greek heroes and are always defeated by them. The foundation and naming of various cities in Asia Minor is attributed to them. They are mainly connected with martial and virgin deities. Since Antiquity there have inquiries regarding a historical base for their myth.




Amphilochus - to be assigned Αμφίλοχος - to be assigned



Anchises - to be assigned Αγχίσης - to be assigned



Androclos - to be assigned Άνδροκλος - to be assigned


Autolycus (Oikist)

Autolycus (Oikist) - to be assigned Αυτόλυκος - to be assigned